May 2008 Fishing Report

MAY 3, 2008 Atlantic Ocean Fishing Report
By Capt. Jim Brincefield d/b/a “Jil Carrie” Charter Fishing

Fiesta! Fiesta! Cinco De Horko!

Today we did a private charter extreme long range deep drop trip for Mr. Dave DiGiovanni a/k/a “Papa Bear” and his group of The Upper Bay Bad Boyz Fishing Club. 2 cancellations prior to this date caused their group to dwindle to 4 anglers, so we added 8 of our deep drop regulars to round out the party for a total of 12 anglers. The soon to be retired No. 1 VA angler (tied with Dr. Julie Ball) Capt. Darren “The Chief” Foster served as cocaptain and gordy served as 1st Mate. We started out Sea Bassin’ and that stunk. Not many to catch and not many keepers. We only managed a pitiful 35 keepers. Last year we did a Cinco de Mayo trip for The Upper Bay Bad Boyz and we schwacked ’em. So this year we substituted a Cinco de Mayo trip with a “Cinco De Horko” trip with an etertaining 5 car salesmen. The current was so strong it was hard to hold bottom and we got a lot of tangles. Undersized Sea Bass which had to be released added to our woes. Then we tried Grouper and Wreckfishing and bombed out there in a major way with a skunker.
Something (or someone) was putting “The Hex” on us. At first I thought it was our good friend Graybeard (Upper Bay

Bad Boyz horking champ) telepathically hexing us. Graybeard missed today’s trip and would have normally been leading the cheesing. Then I suspected the absence of our good friend Mike Burgesss (Upper Bay Bad Boyz Cobra Leader)telepathically hexing us. Papa Bear filled in for him admirably I might add. The marine head may now be
changed to The Papa Bear Suite after today. That’s IF I can get that smell out of the paint! “Cap’t I think we’ve got a
problem in the head”…ya think???
Well, I can’t blame the aforementioned because one of my guys pops open his cooler and…you guessed it – forbidden

fruit. ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!! Del Monte and Dole could most certainly thank this fella for their stock goin’ up –
he was hoardin’ a years’ worth of banana stock! Of course – the aforementioned transgressor was among “The Cinco
De Horko” – appropriate yellow pudding paybacks. Finally we talked The Banana King into jettisoning his Bananas (both
internal AND external overboard. Haitian boatpeople rafted up and plundered the banana bounty.
Desperate, we swung for the fences and went trying for some Golden Tilefish and some Blackbelly Rosefish. Mind you,

we’ve never landed any – but off we went anyway. Fresh off the purging of the cursed bananas we caught our 1st ever
Golden Tilefish (28 pounds – caught by Ric “Yoda” Hensly) and an impressive tast 47 Blackbelly Rosefish. We also
caught another mystery fish which gordy is going to give to Mr. Peabody at VMRC to figure out what it is. We also caught
a couple of Smooth Dog Sharks, 2 Winter Runner Bluefish, and 1 Blueline Tilefish. So, a very slow day overall, but made much better by catching our first Golden Tilefish and our first good mess of Blackbelly Rosefish. They are really great eating – along the lines of a Red Snapper. Wednesday’s trip we are going to search everyone’s coolers PRIOR to boarding.