April 2008 Fishing Reports

APRIL 26, 2008 Atlantic Ocean Fishing Report
By Capt. Jim Brincefield d/b/a “Jil Carrie” Charter Fishing

Finally, we got a break from the wind! Today we did a private charter extreme long range deep drop trip for Mr. Melvin Willis and friends with an add on of our good customer Rudy Braxton for a total of 9 anglers. The world famous deep diver and monster shark fisherman Capt. JT Barker served as cocaptain and gordy served as 1st Mate. We worked 7 wrecks and spanked an impressive 205 keeper corpulent Black Sea Bass, 2 Winter Runner Bluefish, 5 Cunners, a new boat record Red Hake (“Ling Cod”) of 6 pounds 12 ounces, and of course, our favorite assorted hideous Conger Eels and Dog Sharks! One guy horked all day and several other guys had mini hork-a-thons even though the seas were fair which kept the day interesting. We miss our old mate TJ who has found a “real job” but gordy is filling in admirably until we find a permanent replacement. The forecast for this coming week looks like a total blow out. If this wind will ever give us a break we could do some more exploring and catching. This is easily the windiest year I have ever seen. It’s not even close.

APRIL 24, 2008 Atlantic Ocean Fishing Report
By Capt. Jim Brincefield d/b/a “Jil Carrie” Charter Fishing

We made it out on an extreme long range deep drop trip today. Co-captain was the world famous deep diver and sharf fisherman Capt. JT Barker and the 1st Mate was Gordy. The party was 9 anglers – private charter organized by Mr. Garry Owings from the Arundel Mills, MD Basspro. We stopped at The Triangles and caught a smattering of Black Sea Bass – most of which were throwbacks. Gordy tagged a few shorties for the VMRC Tagging program. Then we motored on out to the deeper wrecks where we spent the rest of the day. It was a good day with a grand total of 158 keeper Black Sea Bass with multiple VMRC weight Citations. We also did some Blueline Tilefishing and caught 31 nice ones up to 9 pounds. We also caught 3 Bluefish including a 37 3/4″ and 13 Pound VMRC Release Citation. We also caught a few Smooth Dog Sharks and 1 hideous Conger Eel.We also saw a 200 pound Mako Shark that we tried to catch but no luck.

APRIL 21, 2008 Atlantic Ocean Fishing Report
By Capt. Jim Brincefield d/b/a “Jil Carrie” Charter Fishing

I was invited by our good customer Mr. Scott Fairfax to join him aboard the “Show Time” charter boat out of Ocean Isle Fishing Center (see www.oifc.com) today. The Captain was Roger Gales and the mate was Rob (didn’t catch his last name). Nice boat, good Capt. & Mate, and good company. It was also great to be able to enjoy a few cool, frosty, malted adult beverages for a change!
We rode out about 60 miles in slick calm (pronounced “cam”) beautiful Atlantic Ocean water and trolled. We caught a nice mix of small Blackfin Tuna, a stinky, mean, nasty Barracuda, a King Mackerel, and a False Albacore. We also had a few Wahoo biteoffs. We saw a couple of Citation Wahoo upon return to the wharf landed by “Fishin’ Physician” boat. It was neat and fun to get out and see my first Blackfin Tuna. Thanks to Capt. Roger, 1st Mate Rob, and Mr. Scott Fairfax for a nice day on the Atlantic Ocean!

APRIL 10, 2008 Atlantic Ocean Fishing Report